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Tattoos Ahoy is one among the top-rated tattoo studios in India.

We do tend to square measure a team of pros and continuously attempt to do productive things, and not simply attempt to create profits.

We do tend to find the skills to trace your concepts on your skin and cause you to feel nice concerning your tattoo.

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Tattoo Artist

Specializes in illustrative fine art in color & black and gray. Lijesh has a great grasp of style and design along with a completely unique take on tattooing. He is sought after and known for his laser like precision.

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Tattoo Training

At Tattos Ahoy Design Studio, we've a facility/ institute to offer tattoo making classes. So please ask us if you're trying to find Tattoo Training courses in India.There is a step to step guidelines/ classes, methods, technical approach for learning tattoo making which we guide our students during Tattoo training.

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Permanent Makeup

You got permanent makeup because it might make it possible for you to awaken looking beautiful, provide you with a worry-free routine and offer you lasting beauty. When the results are good, cosmetic tattoos assist you to seem fabulous day in and day out!

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I can't wait to go back!!! Loved my experience......

Tattoos Ahoy is hands down the best tattoo studio in Kerala India. I got tattooed by Lijesh. It was my first tattoo and Lijeshi made me feel so comfortable that I am already ready to get another tattoo. The ambiance at their new tattoo lounge is very vibrant and relaxing. I had an amazing time!!

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We're a best creative studio

If you have a concept in mind for your tattoo, and for some reason are confused, please feel free to visit our tattoo parlor for consultation, we do not charge any tattoo consultation fee. Doesn't matter if you get a tattoo from us or not, you'll still consult us for any queries regarding your tattoo.

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2nd Floor, TopLand Grand Bazar,
Ballard Road, Kannur, Kerala

+91 9895 05 5506
+91 7907 83 4475

Tuesday - Sunday : 10:00 - 7:00 pm
Monday - Closed


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