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Tattoo Training

At Tattos Ahoy Design Studio, we've a facility/ institute to offer tattoo making classes. So please ask us if you're trying to find Tattoo Training courses in India.

There is a step to step guidelines/ classes, methods, technical approach for learning tattoo making which we guide our students during Tattoo training. aside from details which we cover during the tattoo course, few things students learn just by their presence within the studio. Here is an overview which you'll undergo only for informative purpose. For more details, you'll visit our studio and discuss fine details together with your trainer/tattoo artist Mr. Lijesh.

Tattoo Training certificate course

Please contact us for the supply actually and fee structure.

Advanced course

Machines/Needles/Inks/Artificial Skins/gloves and every one material which student needs during tattoo course and may use within the classroom.

  • History and various methods of tattooing.
  • Class on Tattoo machine types, machine parts and machine assembling.
  • Different types of tattoo needles and their uses.
  • Tattoo stencil making techniques and practice using hectograph sheets.
  • Detail of human skin structure and role of various layers in tattoo making.
  • One class on Tattoo Machine settings for various operations.
  • Classes on making tattoo lines on covering and practice.
  • Classes on filling tattoo colors on covering and its practice.
  • Classes on Learning the way to do tattoo shading on covering and practice
  • Permanent Make-up (Eyebrow, Hair)
  • After Care of Tattoo
  • One class and practical knowledge about Tattoo aftercare
  • Detail of other stuff utilized in studio-like Autoclave, UV Chamber, soft soap etc.
  • Classes on Free-hand sketching and style customization.
  • Finding, Creating a tattoo design reference.
  • Tattoo stencil making techniques and practice using hectograph sheets.
  • How to use texture, light, colors, line thickness, shadow, shading, 3D effect in tattoo making.
  • Flow of design per physical body.
  • Complete Kit Materials Free
  • On successful completion of coaching, Tattoo Training Certificate.

  • After satisfactory results on covering, a trainee is going to be guided to form small tattoos within the presence of our artist (total 5 small tattoos of size max 8 square inches) in our studio. These are going to be freed from cost tattoos and trainees can make these tattoos on willing persons, friends or relations. These tattoos are going to be freed from cost.


We're a best creative studio

If you have a concept in mind for your tattoo, and for some reason are confused, please feel free to visit our tattoo parlor for consultation, we do not charge any tattoo consultation fee. Doesn't matter if you get a tattoo from us or not, you'll still consult us for any queries regarding your tattoo.

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